Android Weekend Workshop

A Workshop on Android Application

Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android's mobile operating system is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the maintenance and further development of Android. It's open-source software stack consists of Java applications running on a Java-based, object-oriented application framework on top of Java core libraries running on a Dalvik virtual machine featuring JIT compilation. Android has a large community of developers writing application programs ("apps") that extend the functionality of the devices. There are currently over 150,000 apps available for Android. Android Market is the online app store run by Google, though apps can also be downloaded from third-party sites. Developers write primarily in the Java language, controlling the device via Google-developed Java libraries.

Workshop Syllabus:
Android Workshop
Day 1 - Session 1
·         Introduction to Android Technology
·         Getting started with the Android
·         Android Architecture
·         Java SDK
·         Introduction to Android SDK
·         First Look at Android Interface
·         How to install Android Plug in
·         Platform Advantages & Disadvantages
·         Application Fundamental
·         Framework
·         Components
o   Activity
o   Services
o   Content Providers
o   Broadcast Receivers
·         Publishing
·         Target Devices
Day 1 - Session 2
·         Android Installation
·         Tools & S/w Required
·         Emulator creation
·         Hello program
·         Activity??
·         Life cycle of Activity
·         Android Manifest File
·         XML for GUI design
·         Controlling Portrait or landscape
·         Understanding Layouts
o   Linear Layout
o   Relative Layout
o   Frame Layout
o   Table Layout
o   Absolute Layout
Day 2 - Session 1
·         Concepts of Inner Classes and Listener Methods
·         Hands on Coding for some simple widgets
o   Basic Views
o   TextView View
o   Button, ImageButton, EditText, CheckBox, ToggleButton, RadioButton,
o   ProgressBar View
o   AutoCompleteTextView View
o   Picker Views
o   TimePicker View
o   Displaying the TimePicker in a Dialog Window
o   DatePicker View
o   Displaying the DatePicker in a Dialog Window
·         Concept of Intent, intent filter
·         Explicit and Implicit Intents
·         Moving from one activity to another activity
·         Concept of Bundle

 Day 2 - Session 2                      
Workshop Hands on Applications

Description: Using the above learnt intent and intent filter concepts learn how to build an application for invoking and using various inbuilt functions of android phone listed below.
Using Bundle along with Intents, learn how to pass data to inbuilt applications.

·         Phone Application.
·         Contacts
·         Internet Browser
Prerequisite for Workshop:
• Passion to learn new creative things.
• Knowledge of how to use Computer.
• Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet.
• Little knowledge about Java programming techniques.

Who could attend?
* College students seeking career in Mobile (Android) Industry.
* Person having interest in Android Technology.
* Education Faculty & Staff.
* IT Professionals.
* Students from any branch can attend the workshop.

Charges for Workshop:
Rs 1000/- per participant.
(This includes Registration Kit, Toolkit, and Course Material).

Participation Certificate to all students from Online Android Academy.

Course Material & CDs:
CD/DVD containing Software Android Resource Toolkit
(Containing Tools,Demo Programs, Presentations) will be provided to all the participants

Workshop Duration:
2 Days (4 hours/day) - Preferably in the weekends.

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